Lehigh Defense 05243085CUSP Controlled Chaos 6mm Creedmoor 243 Win 243 WSSM 6mm .243 85 gr

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Brand:Wilson Combat

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Controlled Chaos lead free bullets once fluid is impacted, they shed the front portion of the bullet into multiple petals that radiate outward away from the bullets initial trajectory path resulting in a massive energy spike. The bore diameter base of the bullet continues and penetrates deeply in a straight line. Both the temporary and permanent wound cavity created by this bullet separation is dramatic resulting in quick incapacitation. The solid base creates additional tissue damage and often results in full penetration of the animal.

Bullet Type
Bullet Diameter .243
Weight 85 gr
Bullet Caliber
Jacket Material Copper
Bullet Coating
Bullet Tip Material
Core Material Copper
Coefficient .318
Sectional Density .206
OAL 1.130"
Quantity 50
Recommended Usage