S&W Pepper Spray 1253 Pepper Spray OC Pepper Range 10 ft 0.75 oz Includes Holster/Keychain

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The S&W Keychain Pepper Spray is one of the most effective methods of personal protection and with one short blast, it can incapacitate one or more attackers for up to 30 minutes. Simply point the unit at an attacker and depress the actuator button to cause severe irritation to the eyes, throat and skin. The active ingredient oleoresin capsicum is derived from hot peppers and affects the eyes, nose and entire respiratory system to restrict attackers from further aggression. This method of self-defense is recommended and used by law enforcement and offers a fast-acting way to immobilize attackers. This unit has a 10-foot range (varies with wind conditions) and includes 0.75-ounces of pepper spray, a black leather holster and key chain quick release for access to your Pepper Shield at a moment's notice. The holster offers a safe place for your Pepper Shield where it won't misfire accidentally. Keep this unit in its holster, on your keychain or in a purse for practical protection wherever you go. This product is finished in black and made in the USA

Type Keychain
Size .75 oz
Repels Attacker
Approved By
Strength 15%
Material Leather
Other Ingredient
Color Black
Active Ingredient Pepper Spray