Sabre SRUHAPK Home & Away Pepper Spray Kit Keychain 2.5 oz Home Unit/ .54 oz Key Ring 8-10 ft Black/Red

Product Code:SRUHAPK
Type:Training Defense
Sub Type:Scents


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Each Sabre Red USA Home & Away Protection Kit is equipped with two (2) self-defense sprays, a home pepper foam unit and key chain pepper spray with case. The home pepper foam unit features a glow-in-the-dark safety and a wall mount clip to keep out of the reach of children. Sabre Red's most popular product addresses the "Away" need with its black key chain pepper spray with case, quick release key ring pepper spray and clip attachment for immediate accessibility. Both "Home" and "Away" pepper spray models deploy 8 - 10 feet and contain multiple blasts for protection against more than one attacker.
Type Pepper Spray Kit
Size Keychain
Weight 2.50 oz Home Unit/ .54 oz Key Ring
Range 10-17 ft
Repels Attacker
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Other Ingredient
Color Black/Red
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