Tinks W5950 Power Scrape Deer Attractant Mock Scrape Scent 4 oz

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Tinks Power Scrape is a powerful synthetic buck lure designed for the entire season. Power Scrape can be used on natural or mock scrapes to condition deer to frequently return to your stand location. This revolutionary formula is designed to capitalize on a bucks curiosity in the early season and their drive for territorial dominance during the breeding season. Use this 4-ounce bottle of Scrape Starter to start a new mock scrape or challenge bucks by applying to an existing scrape. TINKS POWER SCRAPE: This Tinks power pack comes with the necessities for fall. For use on natural or mock scrapes. SYNTHETIC DEER LURE: Send a dominant buck into a territorial rage with Tinks Power Scrape Mock Scrape Starter Deer Lure. A powerful synthetic deer lure, Power Scrape Mock Scrape Starter provides the wonderful lasting ability. USE ON MOCK AND ACTIVE SCRAPES: Appealing to a buck's social ranking and dominance, this lure can influence travel patterns when used on mock and active scrapes. 4 OUNCE BOTTLE: Includes one 4 ounce bottle of deer attractant and that are easy to use and fit into hunting packs, backpacks, jacket pockets for convenience.

Species Deer
Effective Time
Scent Type Attractant
Dispenser Type Mock Scrape Starter
Scented Mock Scrape
Made From