Carlsons 70125 Long Beard Turkey Rem Choke 20 Gauge Turkey 17-4 Stainless Steel Blued (Ported)

Product Code:70125
Dept:Gun Parts
Type:Hunting Gear


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When you head to the woods, give yourself better reach and down-range performance by using Carlson's Long Beard Turkey Choke with your Winchester Long Beard Shotgun Loads. It's a killer combination that's sure to drop that big old gobbler. The ammunition features Shot-Lok Technology that allows for the tightest patterns and longer downrange reach over any lead turkey load on the market. This duo serves-up 10 percent greater penetration more than 50 yards, terminal on-target performance and allows nearly perfectly round shot to be thrown from the barrel for extremely tight, long-range patterns.
Type Choke Tube
Gauge 20 Gauge
Choke Size Turkey
Configuration Rem Choke
Finish Black
Constriction .568
Chokes Included 1
Recommended For 50+ yds
Material 17-4 Stainless Steel
Approved Steel,Lead,Non-Tox
Ported No

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