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The National Geographic Crystal GardenGrow your own incredibly unique crystal garden with the National Geographic Crystal Garden Kit. This is no ordinary garden- scientific principles are mixed with artistic imagination to experience nature like never before! Watch in amazement as colorful crystals begin growing from the branches of evergreen and cherry trees like magic within minutes. After just 6 hours, your beautiful gemstone trees will be covered in crystals from the trunk to the crown. This experiment allows you to choose and craft the cool colors of your trees however you desire with 5 assorted bright and fascinating colored watercolor markers. The crystals absorb the marker's ink and grow in the colors you draw, combining the science of a crystal growing lab with the creativity of an art project. It's a great inspirational and educational STEM activity for boys and girls. This kit also comes with a genuine geode specimen of a rose quartz crystal along with a full-color detailed learning guide packed with mind-blowing facts about crystals, allowing kids to examine, read, and make discoveries while waiting for their trees to gracefully blossom.

This complete activity set includes 2 tree bases, 1 evergreen tree, 1 cherry tree, 5 washable markers, 2 packs of crystal growing liquid, an instruction booklet, 1 genuine geode specimen, and a learning guide. The National Geographic STEM series provides kids high-quality educational toys that are a whole lot of fun!